Our Health, Our Care, Our Future

NHS Lothian Strategic Plan 2014 – 2024

NHS Lothian works to help people live healthier, longer lives – no matter who they are or where in the region they live. There has been significant progress in recent years, however considerable challenges and opportunities lie ahead.
In 2014 NHS Lothian developed a strategic plan - Our Health, Our Care, Our Future 2014-2024 – which set out what we propose to do over the coming decade to address the health needs of our growing and ageing population and to meet the challenges this presents while continuing to provide a high quality, sustainable healthcare system for the people of Lothian.
In developing the strategic plan we:
  • asked staff and patients what and how things need to change to deliver our aims
  • brought together local plans into an integrated whole
  • identified opportunities to make better use of existing resources and facilities
  • prioritised areas that will make most difference to patients.
The plan outlines a range of proposals which will allow us to achieve the Scottish Government vision for health and care by 2020:
  • to improve the quality of care
  • to improve the health of the population
  • to provide better value and financial sustainability.
In April 2014 NHS Lothian Board approved the draft plan for a period of consultation and engagement with stakeholders. During May-August we discussed the need for change and the proposals set out within the plan with communities, partner organisations, staff, patients, and other stakeholders.  A total of 693 individuals attended consultation events which were held throughout Lothian, 56 individuals/organisations commented via email/letter and 169 individuals commented via the online questionnaire, resulting in a total of 918 individuals being involved in the consultation process.
A full consultation report and a summary report were created to highlight the key themes and issues that were raised. The full consultation report has a section entitled ‘you said, we did’ that captures the key issues that were raised and how NHS Lothian plans to address them.

The final plan was approved by the NHS Lothian Board and a progress report was presented at the January board meeting.

Key documents:

The plan is also supported by a number of other strategies and documents which cover specific areas of the services we provide. These can be found on the supporting documents page​ ​of the website.
Our Health, Our Care, Our Future progress report January 2015 

Last Reviewed: 04/08/2015