Ferryfield House inspection report

Ferryfield House in Pilton, one of NHS Lothian’s community hospitals which specialises in short-term and respite care, has received a very positive inspection report.

The review by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (part of Healthcare Improvement Scotland) was the first of its type carried out since the hospital opened in 1996.

The inspection, which took place from Wednesday 3 to Thursday 4 May 2017, focused on infection prevention and control policies, procedures and guidance, decontamination, and acquisition of equipment.

Fiona Cameron, Head of Infection Prevention and Control Services, NHS Lothian, said: “This is great news and we are sure that the team will feel inspired by this. We have very robust infection control policies and are pleased that our high standard of care has been recognised.

“I would like to praise staff for how well they engaged with the visit and the inspectors under quite intensive focus. The inspectors were on the ward for a whole day and on site for two, and their feedback noted the high standard of support and communication with patients.”

Highlights of the report include the high standard of cleanliness of equipment and the general environment, and good communication between staff.

The inspection resulted in only one requirement and four recommendations being issued to Ferryfield House, reflecting the hard work of all the staff. This requirement was for a review of laundry-handling, and has already been completed before the publication of the report. Three of the four recommendations have also already been completed.

The report can be viewed on Healthcare Improvement Scotland's website.